EOTech 553 Review

EOTech 553 Review

The new development in EOTech 553 has really made the difference when compare with EOTech 552. The basic electronic design is found in your daily Rev F units. EOTech 553 has all its inner parts black out. If you are able to watch the muzzle at a closer range, you will discover a small glow surrounding the optic window in case the user had bent the brightness too much. However, if it is too close to view the bloom off your optic window, there is no cause to worry about the bloom because it is possible to get rid of the issue by reducing or adjusting the brightness for night operations. Meanwhile, concerning the military, it is not acceptable because of an inner black out which can easily kill any possible light emission but with reticle blooming, the solution is sure.

The throw lever of new EOTech has really solved the problem of real estate. The reason is that it gives me a lot of spaces to mount my PEQ2 and a PVS14 or magnifier. Even though, many people are not sure of the ARMS throw lever which has been purposely designed. Ever since the time I have known it, I have never had any problem on it and I have carried out a lot of mounting and remounting for practical yet my EOTech 553 still remain strong. Even though, I have heard a little EOTech 553 throw lever being loose, yet EOTech has a wonderful time including the units and ensures that they are returned and changed without any further delay.

One of the new developments in EOTech 553 is the height which is just added and the EOTech which is able to release at faster rate. Let me put aside the debate of the ARMS lever, but assuming the ARMS mount are perfectly andbeautifully made, this shows how nice the height is, more so that he height increases the optic window in height  and then drop the front view tot eh lower 3rd of the optic window. This has removed the option of riser which is very popular presently in the market. The addition of double throw levers has ability to remove and then remount without any cause of loosing anything. The mount helps to get rid of any thumb screw that is getting loose and the view goes flying off the gun at the end of few rounds. Besides, it also helps to get rid of anyone from over torque the thumb screw with a big screw driver and break the screw off from the view.

To crown it all, the ARMS throw lever of EOTech 553 is indeed a good move for better mounting and the durability of the ARMs mount can be known with time. In case you have any issue, try to see the EOTech specialist in order to correct it and they ensure that users are offered the best and reliable product.

Another great improvement in EOTech 553 is the switch to the CR123 batteries. The switch makes the battery uniform since it is the requirement that makes it perfect. This gives the optic the ability to use the same batteries as your laser designator and your combat light. Besides, the CR123 make use of lithium technology which enables the battery more stability all through the range f climate and as well offering longer battery life cycle.


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