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9000sc Aimpoint

Sarah Palin has lost her mojo –
Sarah Palin is learning that attention is a depreciating asset. Her latest melodrama revolved around whether she would show up at a Tea Party event in Iowa on Sept. 3. In the end, she did. Yet that only begged a question: Does anyone, including …

Guns easily get into hands of people who go on deadly shooting sprees –
And, I’ve got a .22 magnum derringer in my right boot.” “Okay,” the cop says. “Anything else?” “Yeah, back in the trunk, there’s an AR15 and a shotgun. That’s about it.” “Mr. Smith, are you on your way to or from a gun range?” “Nope.” “Well then …

Brownells Shooters Place High at – Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun – – Shooting Sports News
Des Moines, Iowa – -( Five staffers representing sponsors Brownells, Sinclair and Brownells LE Division finished in the top 50 of the Amateur division at the recent Pro Am 3-Gun held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City … – Rockcastle Pro Am 3-Gun Championship Raises the Bar – – Shooting Sports News
Park City, KY –-( Attracting three hundred forty-three Professional and Amateur 3-Gun competitors, from forty three states, the inaugural Pro Am 3-Gun Championship was held August 26-28, 2011 at Rockcastle …

Palin speaks to cheers, chants from soaked crowd – Des Moines Register
Thousands of people who waited through hours of steady rain cheered wildly and blew air horns when Sarah Palin took the stage Saturday afternoon. A steady downpour that started around 10 a.m. did not dampen the passions burning at Saturday’s …

Vandalism and Theft continues in Lusk – Lusk Herald
According to Police Chief Sean Dreesen only one windowpane was broke. Dreesen also said that last week a desert brown AR15 semi automatic rifle was reported missing from a pickup truck that was parked behind the Ranger building. There was no …

9000sc Aimpoint

Aimpoint Magnifier

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01 Sep 11 . Scope Mounts, Scope Rings and ARMS Mounts Vortex Optics & Elcan | Aimpoint Micro AR-15 Accessories Holster 4 Guns junpyo’s Page – Atlantic Street junpyo’s …

Another interview by Aaron Zelman with Len Savage
This Talkin’ to America interview has Aaron Zelman talking once more with Len Savage, of Historic Arms, expert witness in the David Olofson case, the conviction of which has been upheld on appeal. The federal courts have created new opportunities for every government agency to to DESTROY your life. We suggest you put the world on hold and listen to our interview.

Talkin’ to America: An Interview with Revolutionary War Veterans Association
Talkin’ to America interviews the Fred of Fred’s M14 Stocks, who is one of the founders of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA), which is implementing its “Apple Seed” Rifle Program

2010 July 24 » ar 15 scopes
Aimpoint compm2. For the M68 105 mm Rifled Tank Gun, see Royal Ordnance L7. The CompM2 is a red dot reflex sight manufactured by Aimpoint AB. The device is MIL-SPEC.

Manny USA – Glock, 1911, AR-15 Gun Accessories & Firearms Training …
MSP Scope Rings, Scope Mounts AR-15 Accessories & Gun Accessories • MWG AR-15 • AR-15 Magazines Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved.

Talkin’ to America: Sniper’s Eyes – How Terrorists Can Kill Millions of Americans
Sniper’s Eyes (How Terrorists Can Kill Millions of Americans) – An interview with author Terry Riebling

AR15 Accessories & Scopes
Remington 870 Accessories – Manny USA – Glock, 1911, AR-15 Gun Accessories … MANNYUSA.COM – Site Location: Country/Flag: United States: City/Region …

A short and amusing spoof on pharmaceutical adverts, as applied to the new Stimulus bill just signed 2-17-09

2010 July 14 » ar 15 scopes
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Rifle Stocks and Rifle Sights for the AR-15 has the right AK-47 part for you as well as a long list of AK-47 Accessories. … AR-15 Accessories Glock …

Aimpoint Magnifier